After completing my Bachelor's program back home, my desire was to pursue my college studies in the USA.


A friend refered me to IAP Network and my experience with them was awesome. They assisted me  through their expedited admission process and I got my admission three days later. I was offered a scholarship as well.


They provided me with all the assistance I needed when I got into the USA. I recommend you use their services.


Lucie Doumbe

The first hardship I encountered was how to select the right university to will fit my academic goals and my budget needs. After several months, I could not find the information I needed.


When I discovered IAP Network, they assisted me and I had my admission to the English Language program of ELS.


IAP Network created the connections I needed with the college world in the USA. They provided the accomodation and support I needed in the USA.


Sankara Ekane

Working with IAP Nework was one of the best decision I ever made.


Like the majority of high school graduates in my country, the lack of information and guidance through the USA university admission process was my preoccupation.


Thanks to IAP Network, I was admitted to GSU and offered a scholarship as well. My experiences have been wonderful so far thanks to the type of people I meet and surround myself with everyday.


Christina Ngosso

Graduating from high school was an open door for stress and lack of resources to navigate through the US college system. Cconsequently, I started losing a lot of interest.


I also had concerns about my English language level. Through IAP, I learned about the English language program offered by ELS.


They also assisted me in getting admitted to Louisiana Tech University in the biomedical engineering program.


Willson Meli