Travel and Accomodation


We havea wide range of on-campus and off-campus university living to offer at a very competitive price. We also take care of your travel planning and pick upon your arrival

Talk to an advisor today and get started on your short- and long-term academic plans. Your academic advisor is ready to help by meeting with you one-on-one at our office.


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Solutions & Services


Learn about the tools we can offer to help you meet your educational goals.

Support Programs


The assistance you need during your period of transition upon arrival to your study destination. Tutoring and unlimited counseling are some of the resources made available to our students

Financial Services & Savings


Services such as tuition payment assistance, online test registration (toefl, gmat, gre) and other services needd by our students. We also help you to plan for college to save some money.



We offer affordable insurance policies that cover about 80% of your total medical expenses while abroad during your period of study. We also have coverage plans that you can purchase when planning for your trip.

Study English Abroad with ELS


Study english abroad to meet the English langauge requirements for college and university admission purposes. ELS provides you the learning enviroment needed with over 60 locations throughout the globe.

University Placement


Expedited admissions in selected institutions in the USA and Canada. Our students generally receives their admission package less than 7 days after submiting all the required documentation.