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Calendar of Activities

US College fair Cameroon, March 2016
We are organizing the first US College fair in Cameroon from march 19 - 21 in Douala and Yaounde.

Summer Mini Fair, June - August 2016
At the request of several high schools in Cameroon, we will be organizing mini fairs to advice high school graduates on the first steps to college life.

US Colleges and African Educational System, October 2016
The conference will be essential for US Colleges who are considering to get access to African prospects. The conference will be ideal to learn about the various educational systems on the continent

US C ollege Fair, February 2017
The second mega US College fair will be in Febraury 2017 in Douala- Yaounde and Buea. We will be expecting the participation of about 10 US Colleges and Universities

What Customers Say About Us


For major decisions in life, many people turn to their friends and family to ask about their experiences. This is why we thought you would like to hear from a few of our clients.


Our Academic and Professional Advisors

Our financial advisors believe in providing one-on-one, face-to-face service in the privacy and conveniences of our office. They take your needs and goals seriously and offer a plan that is right for you, in language that you understand. Even after your appointment, you can count on your financial advisor to provide portfolio reviews on a regular basis and answers to future questions and concerns.



For many high school seniors, the college application process is relatively easy.

For international students the process is more difficult and for African students seeking an American education, that same process can take years. IAP Network is working to make that process easier for international students across the globe.

Our Principles


Our vision and goal is to provide exceptional academic and professional services to our customers while aiding cultural transition with services tailored to  their needs.

Our advisors are experienced professionals in various fields. They are good at building trusted relationships with our customers that often last a lifetime.

Our History


Created in 2012, the company quickly identified a growing need to promote international college placements across Africa.


In 2014, the company received the Entrepeneurial Spirit award by the prestigous Jones Walker law firm based in the USA with more than 400 attorneys.

In 2015, the company commenced a strategic partneship with ELS Educational Services to help raise awareness of english language study possibilities abroad; in the USA, Canada, Australia etc.