ACADEMIC PROGRAM INTERN - Office Coordinator - Cameronian Candidates.

Date Posted: November 5, 2016.


IAP Network is in search of a highly motivated Office Coordinator Intern. This position is located in Douala, Cameroon. 

The academic intern will be responsible for general office and clerical duties. Customer service is a priority, and this position typically is the first point of contact for visitors in an office setting.

Our academic intern program complies with Article 16 of Decree No. 08/0249 / Ministry of Higher Education of 11 September 2008 concerning common status of students in public universities of Cameroon. 

This program offers you the possibility to have a full-time position upon satisfactory completion of the internship program




  • Be ready to learn and provide feedback
  • Should be presentable and Punctual.

  • Be able to work 30 – 40 Hrs. / week.

  • Be able to work on Saturdays when the need arises.

  • Have computer skills (word, excel, PowerPoint and publisher) and be familiar to Windows 10.

  • Demonstrate public speaking skills.

  • Be able to satisfy assigned task within the death lines as required by your program coordinator.

  • Should be able to demonstrate satisfactory Customer services Skills, work ethics and other professional skills.

  • A college degree in business management / marketing/ human resources or communication is required.

  • Be fluent in French and English




  • Provide outstanding customer service to every visitor.
  • Should understand the vision of the company and be able to communicate our values to customers.
  • Create contact with school directors and schedule marketing and promotional pitches to address students.
  • Present marketing and promotional pitches to high schools and organizations throughout Douala, Cameroon.
  • Offer academic advising about academic programs in the USA and Canada.
  • Liaise with US Colleges and Universities to maintain an up to date database on program offerings.
  • Attend professional training daily.
  • Represent the company at various professional events within the country.
  • Be able to represent the company at various professional and academic events/ conferences abroad.
  • The intern will have to provide satisfactory results to the company.
  • Meet the weekly goals and objectives set by your program coordinator.
  • The minimum length of the internship is 3 months, the maximum length is 6 months.




  • IAP Network will not offer any compensation for this internship program. The aim of this internship is to test your abilities and skills and how you can apply them in the corporate world.
  • IAP Network retains the right to adjust the length of this program, depending on the needs of the company. However, the intern can choose not to continue after he/ she has completed the first 3 months.
  • The internship cannot be extended for a period of over 6 months as stated by (Art. 28) of the labor code in Cameroon.
  • However, upon providing satisfactory results after the initial 3 month period, the intern can be offered a full time position with compensation within the company.
  • The Intern will be given the opportunity to access IAP Network’s and partner company’s data base and resources.
  • A recommendation letter and a certificate of completion will be issued upon request at the end of the internship. 


This program will be conducted in accordance with the labor code of the Republic of Cameroon. For more information, visit: Cameroon Labor Code







Apply at:


Bring your resume at our office location at:

580 Blvd de la liberte, Akwa

BP 4398 Douala - Cameroon

(237) 697 02 70 07

       683 28 37 56